“Our family needs the Hope Scholarship to be able to afford the school our daughters need.” – Chelsea

“Our family NEEDS the Hope Scholarship. 

Both of my daughters were approved to use the Hope Scholarship for Fall 2022. We intended to put them into 2nd grade and Kindergarten at a private school this school year. 

My 7 year old experienced intense mental and physical bullying at a public school this past year because of her auto immune disorder and her very shy personality. The school never told me because the class was over crowded with only one teacher. I was always told they didn’t see it. 

After another student threw a chair at my daughter, BREAKING HER HAND, I finally had proof of the bullying. I wish they had listened to me. 

My 4 year old was at a private school this past school year, and the knowledge she developed over one year is outstanding! She can count to 20 in Spanish and knows many words in Spanish and sign language. She can also read and write at the young age of 4! Her birthday is in August so Jefferson County would not let her start Kindergarten. This is even after she had been tested and recommended for Kindergarten instead of another year of Preschool . She would be “bored” because she already knows everything they teach in Preschool. We’ve spoken to a few private schools in the area, and unlike our local public schools (including the new charter school), they’d let her start Kindergarten regardless of her birthday based on her knowledge and personality. 

Unfortunately, we can’t afford private school tuition based off of our salaries. This is why we applied for the Hope Scholarship. We were happy to have our daughters approved for the program. We are trying to find other options and resources to be able to afford a private school, but because of my personal disability I cannot work more than I do. Our family needs the Hope Scholarship to be able to afford the school our daughters need.”